Country: France | Based in: Hanoi
Agent: jordan@equation-agency.com


Mother of Cliché Asia, Savage Club co-founder, Miya is probably the most recognizable member of the Fragrant Harbour Soundsystem.

Radiating energy and pure happiness wether she is behind the decks or on the dancefloor Miya isn’t going to restrict herself to a genre of music but will simply pick up the right tracks that will bring her audience exactly where she intends them to go along her journey.



13 Jan - Slum Disco X Equation Pres. Equation Launch Party at Studio Lam / Thailand
Feb 09th - Schweinehund Teknival - w/ DJ Dustin
15 Feb - Taku Hirayama & Miya at OMA / Hong Kong, China
24 Feb - Miya / Agata / Karina at Savage / Vietnam
April 6th - Equation Festival - Hanoi