Country: Hong Kong | Based in: Vietnam
Agent: david@equation-agency.com


Rifain’s experimental style takes you on a trip, twisting and turning through the sounds of the culturally ambiguous. Elegantly mixing elements of varied genres, he fearlessly leads the dancefloor into a deep, downbeat darkness to then lift it up with tribal energy.

Alongside his work as a DJ, Rifain heads up Cliché Records in Hong Kong, the music collective and booking agency that helped cement the city’s underground music scene. Passionate about bringing fresh sounds into and out of Asia, Rifain helped to form Fragrant Harbour Sound System, the record label providing a platform for internationally acclaimed music makers and local talent in Asia.

Always looking for the next fresh thing, his next venture has been to ignite the house and techno scene in Hanoi, Vietnam, through launching the club Savage and festival Equation with the Cliché Records team.

His new project, “Slow Beats Disco” brings together music and art, with
an experimental flare, into intimate spaces.



Jan 1st - New Year's Day at Potato Head with Guiddo & Rifain - Hong Kong
Jan 9th - Equation festival showcase on Fauve radio at Mahka - Hong Kong
Jan 12th - Equation warm up party - Social Room w/ Romi Behl & Sweet Talk - Hong Kong
Jan 13th - oma anniversary - Hong Kong
Feb 09th - Schweinehund Teknival - w/ DJ Dustin
March 23th - Oma - Hong Kong
March 30th - Savage night - Social Room - Hong Kong
April 6th - Equation Festival - Hanoi
May 10th - Slow Beats Disco - Savage w/ John Talabot - Hanoi